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sodium dichromate dihydrate is raw material for producing chromium trioxide, chromium pigments,tanning agent etc.

Shipment info. 6.1 grade,

In reinforced-type composite plastic woven bags, net weight for each: 25kg, or 40kg.


Main applications of sodium dichromate dihydrate

1. For making potassium dichromate,chromium sulfate, chromic acid etc other chromium chemicals.

2. Organic products: In the manufacture of some organic products such as vitamin K and wax as oxidizing agents.

3. As raw materials for making chrome pigments: In the manufacture of inorganic chromate pigments such as chrome yellow,chrome oxide green etc.

4. In ceramics industry : used in the preparation of colored glass and ceramic glazing etc.

5. In textile industry: Used as a mordant for acid dyes to improve its color durability

sodium dichromate dihydrate msds


Sodium Dichromate manufacturer in China. it is mainly used as tanning agent, sodium bichromate tds, sodium dichromate msds available on request.