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Potassium dichromate basic information

Potassium Dichromate is a common inorganic chemical reagent, Mainly used in the producing of chrome oxide green, potassium chromate, chromate yellow pigments, welding electrode, match, chromic potassium alum and chemical reagent.Also used in steel passivating and used as oxidizing agent.


Potassium Dichromate Packing

it is packed by reinforced-type composite plastic woven bags,palletized and shrink-wrapped


Potassium Dichromate specifications:


potassium dichromate msds tds


Potassium Dichromate notice when transportation


1. Avoid moisture, heat and shock during storage and transportation. Keep away from combustibles.


Sodium Dichromate manufacturer in China. it is mainly used as tanning agent, sodium bichromate tds, sodium dichromate msds available on request.