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Company Galleries can help you learn more and better about our company.

We will present some photos about company, R&D Dept. products photos such as chromic acid,potassium dichromate etc. the packing etc..


Office and Production photos

1.Company Office building

2. Production Area

3. Factory Overview


Company Certificates

1.OHSAS18001 Certificate

2. ISO 9001 Cerificate

3. ISO14001 Certificate


R&D Dept.

1. R.&D.Dept.buiding

2. R.&D.Dept. Lab


Packing of chromium chemicals

1. Chromic Acid Palletization

2. Paper bag

3. Paper bags, then palletized and shrink-wrapped



chromium chemicals gallery. it helps you learn better about our chromic acid,potassium dichromate,basic chrome sulphate