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chromic acid , flakes is mainly used in chrome plating or wood presvertives etc. industries


Product Character

Chromic acid formula: CrO3, molecular weight: 99.994.

Dark red flakes. Melting point: 197℃ ((starts to decompose).

Specific gravity: 2.70 g/cm3.  Strong oxidation, deliquesces readily in air, and highly soluble in water. Flammable in friction with organic compounds.    Poisonous.


Chromic acid Application

Widely used in chrome plating, wood preservation, medicine, catalyst, pigment, oxidizing agent, glass coloring and mordant of textile etc.

Also used as a material producing oxidative catalyst.



Chromic acid , flakes is packed by hermetic steel drums, net weight for each:25kg(φ370×φ330×225mm),50kg(φ365×435mm),100kg(φ430×750mm),200kg(φ450×1000mm)or 250kg(φ560×890mm)

Chromic acid MSDS and TDS available on request.


chromic acid manufacturer in China. our chromic acid has higher purity , and low in sulfate,Na, Turbidity content.